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Aiheen aloittaja Concord Silver 16.09.20 klo 14:51:30

Aihe: AMC Concord Silver Edition for Sale
Kirjoittaja Concord Silver 16.09.20 klo 14:51:30
Hi Greetings from Norway

We have a 1979 AMC Concord Silver Edition for sale. We hope there are some interest for this car in finland.
It has been at the Euromeet in sweeden and Norway the last 3-4 years for those who has been there.

Some Info about the Silver edition.
Silver edition was made for AMC 25 year celebration, it was only made ONE day at the AMC Plant that was 24 April 1979 and only this day. We have not found any car like on this side of the ocean. In Us there are about 5 known Silver edition. How many that was made are only the guys working at the plant will know..

My father har done touchup job on the car and not restauration work So it is all orginal car. We got also the org. Wire hubcaps that are hard to find.  It has the normal 258cid engine and 904 automatic..

We have tried to adjust the allignment but it is not perfect, we this there might be a fault we nor have been able to find yet. We also got new leafsprings and bushings, steering box and spare set of wire hubcaps.

Most AMC fans know of this car but if you are interested call us on +47 93268118 and i will set you in contact with my father who owns the car.

We are askining 4500Euro for the car with ALL spare parets
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