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Aiheen aloittaja Concord Silver 16.09.20 klo 14:51:30

Aihe: Re: AMC Concord Silver Edition for Sale
Kirjoittaja Concord Silver 20.09.20 klo 21:20:59
Strange there are not more interest about this car... It is a very special car that should be bought by some one who could care for it in the future. 

If there are some one that like to know more about the car just take contact for a nice AMC chat  :) The car har gotten several of the prices at AMC/Rambler meeting in my fathers ownership. There are of course a few small things to do if you dont want to renovate the car, it would be a shame to do so since it is sutch good shap as it is. We got interest from US but the shipping and stuff makes it to expensive to return it to the US.

We got more pictures of the car fir the person who have interest to buy it. Its just a message away  ;)

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