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Normaali aihe Looking for a car to my wife. (Luettu 528 kertaa)
Pontus Egerö

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Liittynyt: 31.08.17
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Looking for a car to my wife.
31.08.17 klo 11:07:48
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Hello, writing from Sweden.
I am looking for an AMC Spirit, AMX or SX / 4 1979 - 1983
Must be in good condition in the body and interior.
Mechanical errors less important.
Only the short 2 door model with liftback.

Can possibly Offer replacement with Willys CJ3 jeep 1955 repair item with Rover V8 o automat.

Sincerely. Pontus Egerö, Stockholm Sweden
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Re: Looking for a car to my wife.
Vastaus #1 - 31.08.17 klo 11:27:44
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Hello Pontus, Finland may not be the best place to find that car. I think there is only 2 cars of that body style (1 amx and 1 spirit gt) and only 1 of them fits your condition criteria. Dont know if it's for sale or not
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